How large corporations take advantage of small businesses!


2 weeks ago I received bad news from Gilmore Printing in Ottawa that the binding company had done something wrong and had ruined all the inside pages.


I have asked for meetings (which they have ignored) and I have sent numerous emails posing questions to Gilmore (which have not been answered or replied to).  I have asked to see the book again (as I want to document the issues), I want know what went wrong with the binding company, who the binding company is, what the specifications were for all the printing steps (to make sure that the mistake isn’t repeated), and I have received no responses or short unsatisfactory responses not answering my questions.  Essentially, I am being ignored by Gilmore Printing.


To top it all off, Gilmore did not refund the full amount of the printing process.  I’m still out almost $1000, with no books, no responses, and no information.


I have even tried going up the management chain to get answers, only to be shut out and not have phone calls returned, emails not responded to, meeting request ignored.  This goes all the way to the President and Owner.


Before entering into business with Gilmore, all I heard were promises and guarantees.  Promises from the sales person and the production manager that they could print the book with better quality than before, and that they guaranteed a great finished product.


Also, as part of their guarantee was the fact that if there were ANY PROBLEMS at all, that they would fix it, with no questions asked and no hassle.


Now that we have a problem and all they do is ignore the problem and are walking away!


My only courses of action is to educate everyone that is doing any printing with Gilmore Printing or other printing companies, to do business elsewhere or with a company that will stand behind their word (check plenty of references).  The other course of action, is to file a lawsuit, which is going to cost more money and take more time (both of which I’m running out of).  Gilmore Printing knows I have limited resources and time, and will probably continue to ignore me until I go away.


To be proactive, I had a positive meeting with another printing company late last week (who came into Ottawa on the back end of a snowstorm).  I have already received a lot of information and samples, and I’m just waiting for the revised quote (which I should have before the end of the day).  They know of the problems that have plague this project, and are shocked by the way both companies have treated me.


I know all this may sound like excuses, but I’m doing my best at getting this book completed (with high quality) and mailed out as soon as possible.  I apologize again for the delays and any inconveniences that this may have caused you.  I know some of you were wanting the books as gifts for Christmas, and were now at St. Patricks day.  There just isn’t much I can do, without putting myself out of business.


Gilmore Printing knows that this book is a fundraiser for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, yet they have no problems costing the organization valuable donation dollars that this book is raising money for.