As I sit in the airport waiting for my flight to Las Vegas/Salt Lake City, I can’t help but smile about the super fantastic news we have to share.

After many years of hard work on our yoga inspired book project, ‘i – a book about the strength and flexibility of women’, and after months of talking with publishers that approached us and negotiating the best possible deal, ‘i’ has been picked up by one of the largest independent book publishers in the USA for production and distribution!

There will be a few image changes from the original edition we did a little over a year ago, but for the most part it will be the same book; being printed by the same wonderful company, Friesens that printed the first edition.

The new edition of ‘i’ will be in book stores throughout the USA in stores like Barnes & Noble and online at Amazon; in Canada at various location like Chapters/Indigo and will be out in time for the Christmas. There is also a vey good possibility that the book could be distributed in Australia and Europe.